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Layout & Design of the Papoo CMS System

Author: root 03.04.2013

The Papoo CMS system uses the Foundation Framework by default.Foundation is the optimal framework if you want to optimize your websites for mobile devices. Since version 4.2.0 Bootstrap for administration is the basis of all layouts.


Home page layout

You edit the layout of the start page under Content -> Start page. The individual modules are displayed there slightly differently so that they can be edited better. Alternatively, you can also disable the layout for the home page by editing the menu item home page and remove the entry for home page.css.

The CSS layouts are optimized for

  • Desktop browsers
  • Mobile devices
  • I-Phone
  • I-Pad
  • etc.

1 ready to use version

We have a template pre-installed - each version then comes with a number of free designs.



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